Album of the year

Album of the year list – for me it always seems like squeezing in stuff that is ok, enjoyable, good and so on together with albums that are truly classic… flawless stuff… This year there were three albums that really caught my attention and two of them are necessary on a desert island:

LIE IN RUINS – Towards divine death.
I liked their previous releases, but this one has another atmosphere, it’s darker, longer and constant without getting boring. I really don’t know where one song ends and another begins, which song is which and so on, it’s often a good sign for me; it often means that I´ve only listening to the album from the beginning to the end, never skipped a track and just sink into the music. The album is well written, repetitive in a good way, nothing that really breaks the ambience. It starts out great but gets even better by the end, that’s really an achievement few bands manage to do.

DEAD CONGREGATION - Promulgation of the fall
I had H U G E expectations on this one since I knew they´ve been working on it for ages and yet it blew my mind. The album is relentlessly brutal, technical without showing off and dark as the closets of hell. Dead Congregation displays a self-confidence like they have been around since the dawn of time, it is death metal in its finest form, no new school, no old school, not punkish nor blackened. Everything is there for a reason, well calculated and balanced without any boring passages at all!

PRIMORDIAL – Where greater men have fallen
Primordial became one of my absolute favorite bands when they released “The Gathering Wilderness” back in 2005. But I was a bit disappointed in “Redemption at the puritan’s hand” , so my expectations weren’t that high on this one. But it’s a great album, not near Lie in Ruins or Dead Congregation but an album that I will listen to a lot! "Wield Lightning To Split The Sun" could be one of their greatest song

There are a bunch of other great albums that were released this year and here are some of the highlights:
Herder – Gods
Miasmal – Cursed Redeemer
Entrapment - Lamentations of the flesh
King of Asgard – Karg
Skogen – I Döden
Vallenfyre – Splinters

+ there are a bunch of albums that I have heard but not really listened to yet that I need to check out more…


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